CBSS Summer University 2021 — “Changing Energy Landscape: the EU-Russia Energy Relations”

Summer University Program, supported by DAAD, was held at UNECON on 16-30 August 2021. The Program received the status of the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Summer University for the third time in its history which underlines its relevance to the development of the Baltic Sea region. This year cohort consisted of students from the leading German universities (Free University of Berlin, University of Cologne, University of Rostock, Kiel University and others).

Two weeks before the arrival to St. Petersburg, students received individual assignments on the topic “Climate and Energy Balance” and had to send their case solutions by the first day of the program. Based on the results of the individual assignments, students were divided into teams, and within their group assignments they were asked to identify climate and energy risks for the EU and Russia, develop recommendations and propose approaches to climate risks mitigation. During two weeks students were working with lecturers from UNECON, University of Helsinki and European University in St. Petersburg, as well as experts from Gazprom, Gazprom export, 50Hertz, Wintershall and representatives of CBSS. As a part of cultural program, students had an excursion to Lakhta Center — a multifunctional complex with the Gazprom headquarters, a city tour and a trip to Peterhof.

On the last day, teams presented their solutions of the group assignment to the group of experts. The jury evaluated teams according to several criteria: energy and economic comprehension, research design and argumentation, presentation skills. The best team was awarded with the symbol of UNECON Summer School – the Green Trolleybus (as a symbol of the BSR energy in general). In addition, all students received certificates and souvenirs.

Christian Hellert, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

“It was a great opportunity. It felt more westernized than I anticipated. You could definitely feel that you are in Russia. The perspectives we got from speakers definitely helped me contextualize Russia’s political decisions past and now”

Melissa Capcha, Kiel University

“Summer school at UNECON is a good space for learning about political and technological position of Russia. I also believe that the school atmosphere was perfect”

Vangjel Bita, University of Cologne ​

“It exceed my expectations in terms of organization and topics. The most interesting part was lectures on gas markets and gas transition politics. My prejudices have changed, St. Petersburg is an amazing city and I love the culture in Russia”