International Online Seminar “Mobilizing Hydrogen from the East to the West“

21 October 2021

The Energy Aspects of Kazakhstan Analytical Center (EAKZ) and Saint Petersburg State University of Economics(UNECON) invite for an international online seminar “Mobilizing Hydrogen from the East to the West“.

EU has substantial demand for hydrogen imports (e.g for refineries in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Germany), steel industry (e.g. in Slovakia and Austria) as well as from other potential hydrogen clusters like in Leipzig, Germany. On the other hand, countries South East of EU, up to Kazakhstan, have a large potential to produce hydrogen for exports.

As a large diameter pipeline (56”), the Soyuz pipeline is well suited for Hydrogen transport. Even without any intermediate Hydrogen compression, which could be added later, it could transport substantial volumes of hydrogen, enough for a start. By its geographic position it could serve as a collection pipeline in the East and in the West, its downstream parts in Slovakia and Czech Republic could work as a distribution system.

The Seminar will highlight the potential for green and blue hydrogen production and export along the Soyuz pipeline and the potential demand in EU at the end of the Soyuz Pipeline and discuss the technical, economic and political challenges to repurpose the Soyuz pipeline system to hydrogen.

The language of the Seminar is English. To register, please, inform the Organizing Committee about your participation at least two days in advance by e-mail: