VIII International Scientific Conference Energetika «Russian Gas for Eurasia in a Changing Energy Landscape»

11 – 12 November 2015

ENERGETIKA is a conference regularly held in St. Petersburg in the month of November to address recent developments in the energy sector on a global basis with special focus on Russia. It is organized by the UNECON (the St. Petersburg State University of Economics) with financial support by private energy companies, combining an open academic atmosphere with the insights of representative of important energy companies, like Gazprom and Gazprom Export as well as from national and international public organizations. Participation is free, subject to registration and available places. Conference languages are English and Russian.

The two days’ conference was held on 11 — 12 November 2015.

The preconference workshop addressed potential benefits in the Russian energy sector and international experience with various instruments of energy efficiency.

Day 1 of the conference discussed the reasons and the consequences of the recent oil price drop and its implications for other fossil fuels as well as its relation with international de carbonization efforts.

Day 2 focused on the latest development in the Russian energy sector, as a central piece in a Eurasian energy market and the implications of sanctions for its further development.

As in previous years, the conference brought together professionals from Russia and overseas – representatives of energy companies and authorities, scientists and experts in energy field, to have an open discussion of the temporary challenges and crucial issues of the global energy.