XIII International Scientific Conference Energetika

In 2020 global economy was devastated by the Covid-19 Pandemic that set row of serious challenges for international and national economies, healthcare systems and social systems. Starting from China countries were introducing lockdown regimes that affected all sectors from retail and trade to industry, transport and energy. Lockdowns led to decrease of economic activity and thus to decline of energy consumption. These challenges raised a number of questions especially about cost and possibility of clean/green energy transition in these turbulent times. The ENERGETIKA 21 Conference offers itself as a place for an open dialogue on economy, policy and environment aspects of energy.

The ENERGETIKA 21 is organized by UNECON (St. Petersburg State University of Economics), combining an open academic atmosphere with the insights of representatives of important energy companies, like Gazprom, Gazprom export, Uniper, etc. as well as representatives of national and international public organizations. In 2020 ENERGETIKA 21 will be held online except for 26 November when participants may attend conference in person at UNECON Main Campus.

Conference languages are English and Russian, simultaneous translation will be provided.